11Paranoias Reliquary for a Dreamed of World

11Paranoias Reliquary for a Dreamed of World LP vinyl

  • £2000

New 11Paranoias - Reliquary for a Dreamed of World LP vinyl

Released by Ritual Productions on 11th November 2016

Catalogue Number: RITE039LP

Barcode: 5024545759211

Includes members of Ramesses, Electric Wizard and Bong

Track Listing

1. Peripheral Metamorphosis
2. Destroying Eyes
3. Meditation On The Void
4. Phantom Pyramid
5. Milk of Amnesia

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The almighty 11PARANOIAS send back their latest report from the frontiers of heavy psychedelic rock, bringing to Ritual Productions their staggering fourth LP, Reliquary For A Dreamed Of World.

The trio of Adam Richardson, Mike Vest and Nathan Perrier have once more aroused gargantuan riffs from ancient slumber, mustered intangible streams of irradiated noise, and arranged them to form an impressive, overdriven kaleidoscopic creation that shall see the light of day on October 28th.
There are no simple drones, no empty spaces between notes in the 11PARANOIAS sound wall – each track is thriving with micro detail and macro clout, transforming and mutating as they piston forward in their expedition across unexplored musical dimensions. The band tend to furls of subdued song parts until they grow in to obliterating gushes of white hot amplification that create their own gravity, sucking in refracted flares of wah, stretched howls and alien frequencies.  Nearly five years have passed since their fateful inception from a jam on 11/11/11, and still their bond grows stronger - Reliquary For A Dreamed Of World dives deeper than they ever have before. The zoomed in, direct hit of ‘Milk Of Amnesia’ closes the record, and if up to this point they have only hinted at the unseen terror they harbour, this ferocious track is when the monster breaks through the waves and reveals itself. A terrifying fever dream of an album that will consume you like an addiction.

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