If the below information doesn't answer your query you can email me at


I want to sell my bands/labels titles in your store. Can I do that? 

I get a lot of people contacting me about releasing albums for them but please note that HRR is a online record store not a label so I can't help in these instances.

From my experience the releases that bands send to me almost never sell in my shop. The best thing you can do is focus on selling your releases at shows, on bandcamp, ebay, amazon, facebook, instagram and your local records stores. You will make more money from selling them yourself and your fans will likely be able to get a better price directly from you. I will no longer be replying to emails and messages regarding releases/distribution as I don't have the time to reply to everyone


How do pre-orders work?

Pre-orders are available on most products where the title has not yet been released or are currently out of stock. If you choose to pre-order a title you will pay for it as usual and I will order it in. On some occasions the supplier may be out of stock. In these cases I will contact you via email and let you know that I can't order it in for you straight away - you can choose to wait or get a refund. As some items will be ordered from outside of the UK it can take a few weeks to receive items on occasion. As a rule most things will have a 2 week turnaround. If there are items that I do not believe I can fulfill at present they are automatically set up as 'out of stock' and no pre-order option will be available


How does postage get calculated?

Postage is calculated based on both weight and value of the package. All postage is sent via UK Royal Mail and for items sent over 2kg via Parcelforce. In all instances I will aim to get you the best deal possible. The website automatically calculates the postage based on total weight and provides you with any available options. If you choose to pay with paypal at the cart the postage amount will not show up until after you log in to paypal. Unfortunately I can not alter this. 


Why does international postage cost so much?

International postage prices are crazy! Unfortunately there isn't much I can't do about that as they are controlled by the companies that do the shipping. 


What kind of packaging do you use? 

For 10" vinyl, 12" vinyl, single LP's or two slim LP's I use Music Max Lock Tab mailers which offer the best protection and are quite thick. I will also include 2 stiffeners. For more than 2LP's that won't fit in these mailers I use thick cruciform mailers with extra stiffeners. 7" singles are sent in suitably sized record mailers with 2 stiffeners. CD's, DVD's and Cassettes are all shipped in padded envelopes. Magazines are sent in manually adapted cardboard mailers with a stiffener. All of the packages include the seals taped off with fragile tape and return address labels. Records may be desleeved when being sent to avoid causing damage in transit. please contact me if you want only sealed copies.  


I noticed something wrong with a listing, link etc. Who should I tell? 

If you notice anything wrong with site please let me know via I've built the whole thing from scratch so possibly may have easily missed something along the way!


My order hasn't turned up. What should I do? 

First of all, don't worry we will get it sorted! Postage can sometimes take a little longer than expected unfortunately. If you think that your package should have arrived please contact me on and let me know your full name and what you ordered. I get proof of postage for everything sent and you can always ask for tracking if you want extra assurance. 


My item arrived damaged. What should I do?

Please contact me on and include a full description of the damage and photos. We will sort out the issue on an individual basis, based on your location etc. 


I want to order something that isn't on your site. Can I do that? 

I have access to hundreds of thousands of albums on all musical formats from a large number of suppliers all over the world. This includes all types of music not just metal and rock. If there's something you're looking for just ask and I will see if I can find it for you. Send any order requests to


Do you hold items so that I can buy later? 

Unfortunately not. This is just a one person business so I can't afford to take anything off sale. Unfortunately history has shown me that 80% of the time people won't pay for the items they ask to be held either. 


Can I get a discount on multiple items?

Making money in this industry is hard and my prices are fair so unfortunately discounts will only be part of special sales. These will be communicated via the blog, newsletter and social media channels


I've sent an email but no one has got back to me. What should I do?

I run the business alone on top of a fulltime job so I can often be swamped with work. I will always prioritise replying to customers with order issues first. Please  feel free to contact me again if you think it has been too long.


What vinyl stalls will Heavy Ritual Records be doing next? 

You can find all of the details for upcoming vinyl stalls on the event page


Can I pick up my records in person?

I am located in North London near Camden (UK) however the business is run from my home. I am happy to meet up with people to hand over records in a pub in Camden but items will need to be selected in advance. You can contact me on for any enquiries


Can I pay via another method that isn't listed on the website? 

Please contact me on to let me know how you'd like to pay. This may be an option in rare circumstances