Electric Funeral - Total Funeral 2LP vinyl with 53 tracks

  • £1800

New Electric Funeral - Total Funeral 2LP vinyl

Released by Southern Lord

Catalogue Number: LORD188

Barcode: 808720018813

Hardcore/Punk/Crust/Noise from Chicago, Illinois.

Track Listing
Harvester Of Death
A1 I Am The Dead
A2 F.O.A.D.
A3 You're Next
A4 Scorched Earth
A5 Haunted By Ghosts
Make Noise Not War
A6 Make Noise Not War
A7 Up The Nature
A8 Worldwide Genocide
A9 Chemical Lobotomy
A10 Where The Sun Never Shines
A11 You Pray To Nothing

Split w/Go Filth Go
B1 The Truth
B2 War Is Hell
B3 Shut Down
D-Beat Noise Attack
B4 Hellish Afterworld
B5 End Of All Life
B6 Next Generation
B7 Bomb Raid
B8 D-Beat Noise Attack
B9 Equal Slaves
B10 Destroy And Rebuild
B11 Fight Back
The Face Of War
B12 The Face Of War

B13 Poisoned Mind
B14 Never Obey

Make A Change
C1 War Face
C2 Consuming Shit
C3 Raped System
C4 Selling Death
C5 Make A Change
C6 Nightmares
C7 Human Error
C8 Wake Up And React
C9 Distortion Of Sense
C10 Winter In The North
C11 No Masters, No Gods
C12 Never Give Up
C13 Killers
C14 As The World Disappears
C15 Crash The Pose
C16 Raised On (Punk) Rock

In League With Darkness
D1 Realities Of Hell
D2 Terror, Pain And Sorrow
D3 Stagnation Means Death
D4 Die/Hate/Cry
Order From Disorder
D5 Void Of Life
D6 Abandon By Hope
D7 What Is Real?
D8 Order From Disorder
D9 Rewind/Erase
D10 Queen (Among Angels)
New Unreleased Tracks
D11 Death March
D12 Revenge

New Electric Citizen - Sateen LP on clear grey-blue smoky vinyl

Released by Riding Easy Records 

Catalogue Number: EZRDR-029

Barcode: 603111986418

Psych/Stoner/Heavy Rock

Track Listing A1 Beggar's Need 4:12
A2 Magnetic Man 3:41
A3 Future Persuasion 3:24
A4 Savage 2:42
A5 Hawk Nightingale 5:54
B1 Shallow Water 4:41
B2 The Trap 3:30
B3 Light Years Beyond 4:30
B4 Burning In Hell 4:29 

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