Mamiffer & Locrian Bless Them That Curse You LP 180/300 White vinyl

  • £2500

New Locrian and Mamiffer - Bless Them That Curse You LP on white vinyl. Numbered 180/300 

Handnumbered Limited edition 2nd Pressing of 300, packaged in deluxe LP fold out designed by Faith Coloccia. 

Released by Sige Records

Features Aaron Turner of Isis and Old Man Gloom

Catalogue Number: SIGE013

Barcode: None

Track Listing

In Fulminic Blaze 9:02
Bless Them That Curse You 6:03
Corpus Luteum 5:54
Second Burial 6:00
Lechatelierite 5:40
Metis/Amaranthine/The Emperor 18:59

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