Russian Circles Enter LP vinyl

  • £2000

New Russian Circles - Enter LP vinyl

Repress released by Sargent House on 21st October 2016

Catalogue Number: SH009LP

Barcode: 634457666214

Instrumental Rock/Metal

Track Listing

A1 Carpe
A2 Micah
A3 Death Rides A Horse
B1 Enter
B2 You Already Did
B3 New Macabre

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Their debut album, repressed. Recorded over the course of five quick days with Greg Norman at the renowned Electrical Audio Studios in Chicago, Enter contains only six tracks, but they pack a lot into them -- the album clocks in at 44 minutes. Each song flows into the next as if the record were one single composition in six movements. "We just wanted to make sure it was one giant piece, not disjointed song by song," Sullivan says. "Just very thematic, not all over the place. We went into the studio knowing what songs were going to be in what order and how we were going to segueway." He laughs before adding, "It was way too thought out." But Enter doesn't seem forced, and Russian Circles don't sound like a new band clumsily over-thinking their songs. Four of the songs appeared, in a different form, on the group's demo, so they have a lived-in feel. The stunning opener, "Carpe," throws the gauntlet down early and doesn't let go for nine minutes. Russian Circles specialize in shifting dynamics, and not just the binary code of loud/quiet. The songs seem to hold their breath through intense moments (check the beginning of the fantastically titled "Death Rides A Horse"), but exhale through sweeping, airy horizons that slowly collapse into dense panoplies. Black vinyl LP. 

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