Sarabante Poisonous Legacy LP Vinyl

Sarabante Poisonous Legacy LP vinyl

  • £1400

New Sarabante - Poisonous Legacy LP Vinyl

Released by Southern Lord Records on 10th June 2016

Catalogue Number: LORD221LP

Barcode: 808720022117


Track Listing
1. All That Remained
2. A Day With No Sun To Rise
3. In Deceit Times
4. Eternal Complacency
5. Mass Grave
6. Ruination
7. Ισοβιοσ Φοβοσ
8. Forwarned Epilogue
9. Mneme's Amaurosis
10. Black Thorns
11. Αιωνια Πληγη

12. Παγιδευμενοσ

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